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The green centre portion of the coat of arms signifies the predominant colour in Mitcham, Surrey, England; The Tower in the centre indicates a great town which the name Michelham (as Mitcham was originally spelt) means.

The five keys represent the five wards into which the City was originally divided (there are now six). The signs of Cadency on the right and left quarters represent the eldest branch of the family - here used to indicate that Mitcham was the first local governing body established outside Adelaide.

The Mural Crown with five stones again indicated the original five wards, and a sprig of Wattle which is typical of the hills surmounts it. On the right hand side, the stream issuing from the hills represents the Brownhill Creek which was the original name of the locality whilst on the left hand side, the road running into a park portrays the National Park.

The motto means: Let us build for posterity.

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