Council Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Solar on Council Buildings

Clean Energy at the Civic CentreThe City of Mitcham has installed a 30 KW Solar Photovoltaic system on the Civic Centre at 131 Belair Road, Torrens Park to provide clean energy and reduce costs. As part of Council’s strategic commitment to clean energy, we are exploring energy solutions that will reduce our environmental impact. The solar panel system will provide clean energy and deliver significant savings in annual power costs. The solar system is estimated to payback in 8.38 years with annual energy savings expected to be 43, 386 KwH. We anticipate this will result in greenhouse gas abatement of approximately 31.2 tonnes of CO2e annually. To date solar power has also been installed at the following Council managed sites over the last five years to provide clean energy and reduce costs: 

  • A 9 KW Solar PV system at the City of Mitcham Works Depot at Melrose Park
  • A 6 KW Solar PV system at the Mitcham Heritage Research Centre

Energy Audits

Between 2016 -2018 a series of Level 2 energy audits were commissioned by Council focusing on City of Mitcham’s highest energy use sites, where a number of renewable energy (solar) and energy efficiency (LED lighting) opportunities have emerged which are currently under consideration.

LED Street Lighting Upgrade Program

LED Light Upgrade ProjectThe City of Mitcham has completed upgrading 4,980 residential street lights to LED. The new LED lights provide more directional light with less back spill and are 82% more energy efficient reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project successfully lowered Council greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 605 tonnes a year. The project initially cost approximately $2.2 million and will be offset by projected savings (approximately $293,000 annually) in electricity charges, lower maintenance costs and reduced lighting tariffs. Given the success of this project Council are now actively exploring the upgrade of remaining residential and open space lights to LED, which includes decorative and heritage street lights as well a diverse range of open space lighting.

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