Key Precinct Structure Plans

Opportunities for Change

The Draft Spatial Vision for the City of Mitcham identifies key precincts that have the potential for significant change.

Desired outcomes have been drafted for each of the key precincts. In order to investigate how these outcomes can be achieved, a structure planning exercise for each of these precincts has been carried out.

What is a Structure Plan?

Structure plans provide a way of illustrating how a strategic vision for a particular area can be implemented in the future.  Structure plans are useful in guiding investment, development and land use change in order to achieve particular outcomes for an area over time.

Preparing the Structure Plans

With the help of community members, land owners, developers, local business owners, Elected Members and Council staff, draft structure plans were developed for each key precinct identified in the draft Spatial Vision for the City.

Draft structure plans for each of the key precincts can be downloaded below: 

Precinct 1 - Flinders and St MarysPrecinct 1 - Flinders and St Marys
Precinct 2 - Goodwood and Daws RoadsPrecinct 2 - Goodwood and Daws Roads
Precinct 3 - Blackwood CentrePrecinct 3 - Blackwood Centre
Precinct 4 - Belair Road CentrePrecinct 4 - Belair Road Centre
Precinct 5 - Goodwood and Cross RoadsPrecinct 5 - Goodwood and Cross Roads

It is important to note that Council’s structure plans do not have any legal effect.  They represent concepts and ideas only at this stage and may change following community consultation.  Nor is there any guarantee that the State Government will agree to all or any of the plans.  They therefore cannot be relied upon for the purposes of future development proposals, land valuation processes and future development potential for any land depicted therein. 

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