Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Minda Farm Reserve, Craigburn Farm

Avenue Road Reserve

Location: Avenue Road Reserve, Avenue Road, Cumberland ParkAvenue Road Reserve Fitness Equipment

Facilities: Fitness Equipment

The equipment, located south of the skate park, includes: 

Cross Trainer – a gentle warm up or low impact cardio workout
Exercise Bike - a cardio workout that’s effective and fun while toning those legs
Leg Lift – target your lower core and increase flexibility
Ab Bench – target your core and improve your abs
Chin Up – build your arm strength
Chest Press – focus on your chest and arm muscles
Push Up and Pull Up Bars – great for building upper body strength

Avenue Road Fitness Equipment Instructions(3359 kb)

Balham Reserve

Location: Between Cross Road and Tutt Avenue Netherby Balham Reserve Playground Stretch Station
(at the northern end of the tennis courts).

Facilities: Static and Dynamic Stretch Station

Full instructions are included on the information panel.






CC Hood Reserve

Location: Eliza Place, PanoramaCC Hood Reserve Fitness Equipment

Facilities: Fitness Equipment

The new exercise equipment is adjacent the shared use path and the dog park including:

  • hand bike
  • spinning bike
  • leg press
  • bench
  • lateral pull down
  • shoulder press
  • leg raise
  • dips
  • roll over
  • chin up bars

Each station includes written instructions on how to use the equipment as well as techniques, trainer tips and equipment benefits. You can also watch a video on your smart phone by scanning the QR code.

Riverside Drive Reserve

Riverside Drive Fitness Equipment

Location: Riverside Drive, Bedford Park (just south of Randell Street)

Facilities: Fitness Equipment

The equipment includes:

  • Air Walker - to improve your cardiovascular function and increase flexibility of the hip and thigh muscles
  • Stepper - to develop the leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular function.
  • Hip - to develop muscles of the back, hips and abdomen and improve your cardiovascular function.
  • Twister - to improve balance and coordination skills and develop the muscles in the back.
  • Stretch - to keep mobility and flexibility in your hamstrings, calves and gluteus
  • Bench - to train the abdomen, back, arms and legs

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