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Reducing junk mail gets clutter out of your mailbox, frees up your time, and helps protect the environment.

No Junk Mail StickerEach year Australian households receives hundreds of pieces of junk mail. By following these easy steps you can reduce the junk mail that ends up in your letterbox and help our environment by minimising water and paper resource waste. 

Place a No Advertising Material sticker on your letter box

The stickers are available free of charge from the City of Mitcham. Drop in to see us at 131 Belair Road, or pick one up from your local Library or Community Centre. 

Report irresponsible distribution of junk mail

Report any junk mail which is littered, delivered in duplicate or delivered to a letterbox with a No Advertising Material sticker on it. Report offenders to the Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136. For more information about the board visit

Register your details on the Consumer Do Not Contact Opt Out Service

Including yourself on this list will ensure that you are not contacted by 500 members of the Australian Direct Marketing Association. These members include banks, insurance companies, publishers, catalogue and mail order companies and charities who contact consumers via: mail, telephone, direct response television, the internet and mobile phones. 

Make a digital choice

Register with online catalogue portals to receive only the advertising material you want. Alternatively you can visit retailers own websites to receive store and brand catalogues online.

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