Are you interested in applying for a City of Mitcham Grant?

Are you a local community group or resident interested in supporting our community and looking for some financial support to help you achieve this? Our Grants scheme has a variety of grant categories. They are easy to apply for and they assist to achieve wonderful things!

We encourage you to watch this video, ring us on 8372 8888 if you would like more information ... and then apply!

What do our grants support?

Mainly not for profit community groups, organisations and individuals who are making a positive contribution to the Mitcham community through a wide range of local cultural, social and recreational initiatives. The City of Mitcham Grants scheme supports these groups, organisations and individuals in the delivery of initiatives that may achieve the objectives of:

  • Enhancing physical health and emotional wellbeing
  • Building and strengthening local networks and partnerships
  • Nurturing community leadership
  • Fostering community connections
  • Supporting learning and skill development, and
  • Enhancing cultural understanding.

To view the City of Mitcham's Grants Policy, please click here.

What are the grants for, how much are the grants worth and when can you apply?

There are nine different grants offered by the City of Mitcham:

Community Development Grants

The next Community Development Grant round will be March 2019.

Applications can be received any time up until Friday 29 March 2019. Please ensure to include all relevant paperwork with your submission.

Up to $2,500 per grant is available to not for profit groups for projects that address one of the following:

  • Community Physical and/or Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Community Gardens or Garden Activities
  • Environmental Improvement
  • Community Connections
  • Community Events

In a non election year, Community Development Grants are offered twice per year in September and March.

Download a Community Development Grant Fact Sheet here

Download a Community Development Grant Application Form here

Special Community Events / Special Projects Grant

The next Special Community Event or Special Project Grant round will be March 2019.

Applications can be received any time up until Friday 29 March 2019. Please ensure to include all relevant paperwork with your submission. 

Up to $10,000 per grant is available for community projects or community events that are innovative and special.

In a non election year Special Community Events/Projects Grants are available twice per year in September and March. 

Download a Special Community Event or Special Project Grant Fact Sheet here

Download a Special Community Event or Special Project Grant Application Form here

Public Art Grant

Council encourages both emerging and established artists who have exciting public arts concepts for the City of Mitcham’s public realms to apply for a Public Arts Grant. The funding aims to support contemporary, original and innovative arts response that will engage, surprise or connect with the thousands of visitors in one of our community centres or parks. Examples of the kind of art concepts include (but are not limited to) theatre, sculptural, lighting installations, dance, murals, performance art, exhibitions, painting, integrated art and mixed media. The art may seek to creatively engage with local stories, identities, sense of place and cultural heritage. 

Click here to find out more about Public Art and our Public Art Grants in the City of Mitcham or visit

Mayoral Grant

Subject to Mayoral direction, for community initiatives. Mayoral Grants are offered all year round.

Download a Mayoral Grant Fact Sheet here

Download a Mayoral Grant Application Form here

Individual Achievement Grants

We are excited to announce...

...that the City of Mitcham have contributed the full $10,000 this financial year to multiple community members to support them in their endeavours and further their dreams via the Individual Achievement Grants Program.

We invite you to re visit the website on July 1, 2019 to access the guidelines and application form and submit your application pending eligibility.

Maggy Ragless Memorial Grant

The next Maggy Ragless Memorial Grant offering will be March 2019.

Applications can be received any time up until Friday 29 March 2019. Please ensure to include all relevant paperwork with your submission. 

Up to $2,000 is available for original research or projects which celebrate or inform the community about Mitcham's history.

Download a Maggy Ragless Memorial Grant Fact Sheet here.

Download a Maggy Ragless Memorial Grant Application Form here.

Community Facilities Grant

Applications for a Community Facilities Grant can be received any time. Please ensure to include all relevant paperwork with your submission. 

Not-for-profit community facilities that meet broad community need such as sports and recreation facilities or halls, may apply for grant funding to assist with special or unique capital improvements to their facility or grounds.

Download a Community Facilities Grant Fact Sheet here.

Download a Community Facilities Application Form here.

Refugee Grant

The City of Mitcham Refugee Grant, in partnership with the Australian Refugee Association, is for refugees living in, or studying in educational institutions in the City of Mitcham, to assist with their education, training and resettlement within South Australia.  Contact the Australian Refugee Association: 304 Henley Beach Road, Underdale SA 5032, phone 8354 2951 or email

Memorial Harvey Hayes Grant

If you live in, or have attended a secondary school in the City of Mitcham and are enrolled to study at Flinders University, you may be eligible to apply for the annual Memorial Harvey Hayes Grant of $1,000. Further information can be found on their website

Other Sources of Funding

Environmental Grants

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Scholarships
For leaders, innovators and pioneers that have the drive to shape the future prosperity and growth of Australia.

Westpac Foundation Community Grants
For local, grassroots not-for-profit organisations with big (or small) ideas that are providing educational opportunities, employment pathways or improvements in the quality of life of disadvantaged Australians in our local communities.  Worth $10,000 each. 

Office for Recreation and Sport
Grants and Scholarships are available for Clubs, Associations and Individuals.

Local Sporting Champions Program
For young people aged 12-18 towards cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching or officiating at an official national sporting event (restrictions apply)

Australian Sports Foundation 
For Australians to participate in sport and/or to excel in sports performance.

South Australian General Grants
Links provided to many available grants.

Office for Volunteers
To advance and assist volunteer supporting programs, expand volunteer participation and promote the value of volunteering within the community.

ARTSA/Australia Council for the Arts
For arts organisations and individuals across the country

Information about Federal, State and Local Government programs.

Our Community Funding Centre
Provides details, tips and information on grant seeking and writing grant applications. 

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