Speaking Made Easy

Event TypeActivity
Event FocusCommunity
Event ReachAll
Event ScopeLocal Community
Dates23/10/2019 to 23/10/2019
Start Time7pm
End Time9pm
Location218 Main Road
Blackwood SA

Speaking Made Easy: Developing Confident Women

  • is for all women
  • welcomes you no matter what your circumstances
  • can help you find potential you may not have known about
  • can help you find your voice
  • Can help you meet your needs
  • Can help you be a more confident you

Meetings are structured so you can find your voice in a supportive, friendly environment with other women.

Participation in activities is encouraged.

We learn from listening as well as from participating.

Workshops can be run on all aspects of speaking in front of an audience. 

Speaking Made Easy aims to help you to

  • think quickly on our feet
  • comfortably engage with others
  • share your opinions
  • speak up in social and non-social occasions

Our group aims to provide opportunities for you to practice your speaking in an environment where members

  • encourage and support each other
  • offer positive feedback to assist you in your development.

At Speaking Made Easy you can:

  • Learn how to converse effectively
  • Develop your presentation writing and speech preparation ability
  • Practice your public speaking with others, who like yourself, want to improve their skills
  • Have fun, and make friends in the process.

Each meeting usually comprises

  • a planned talk on a topic,
  • some spontaneous talking and/or
  • a workshop on a topic of your choice.

For more information visit or contact Margaret Ford on 0438 838 894.

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