Reporting Pollution

Mitcham Council encourages members of the public to report incidents of pollution, particularly contamination of our creeks and rivers by allowing pollutants to enter the stormwater system. Common incidents of pollution include:

  • Building site sediment and rubbish.
  • Concrete, brick and asphalt cutting.
  • Paint washed into the drains.
  • Industrial discharge.
  • Roof cleaning wastewater.
  • Grass cuttings.
  • Washing vehicles.
  • Chemical and oil spills.
  • Littering.
  • Hosing leave and rubbish into the stormwater drain.
  • Cars leaking oil.
  • Swimming pool backwash entering the stormwater drain.

To report an incident, please call the Site Supervisor for the property, or alternatively please contact the Environmental Sustainability Officer at the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

Clean Site

The City of Mitcham in conjunction with KESAB and Adelaide Development Company are working to create a clean, environmental friendly housing development at Blackwood Park. This means working with all builders in the development and asking them to please help protect the environment by implementing the following measures:

  • Removing mud on road - sweep up (don't wash up!).
  • Recycle or re-use building materials.
  • Use sediment fences, hay bales or bunds to reduce waterway pollution.
  • Use a single gravel exit/entry point to sites.

This is an important step in protecting our environment and our water ways. For more information or to report irresponsible construction please contact the Environment Officer at the City of Mitcham on 8372 8888.

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