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As part of the community engagement undertaken by the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) regarding the Darlington Upgrade project, the Bedford Park South community felt strongly that an additional egress point should be provided to allow residents within this area to be able to access the Southern Expressway extension to the north without having to undertake a U-turn south of Riverside Drive onto South Road.

An option was initially provided by DPTI to a new northern egress point connecting Francis Street to Flinders Drive through the middle of the existing Francis Reserve. Council and the community raised concerns over the loss of a significant portion of Francis Reserve and the practicality of this option given the steep terrain and high retaining wall along Flinders Drive.

An alternative option of exit directly to Flinders Drive from the northern end of Rupert Avenue (opposite the Flinders Private Hospital Road) was then proposed. As part of a design review process, Council raised concerns that the Rupert Avenue alternative would create significant conflict between motorists merging into traffic travelling on Flinders Drive and turning from the Flinders Private Hospital Road. A further proposal to move the proposed egress point further south was then considered.

Following further design investigation and meetings with resident groups, DPTI put forward an additional three options for consideration for a possible additional egress point onto Flinders Drive. A major constraint to any new egress point onto Flinders Drive from the Bedford Park South area is the difference in elevation between the local roads and Flinders Drive, which is higher than the local residential area in all locations.

The additional options proposed included:

Wentworth Avenue – extending eastward onto Flinders Drive

Wentworth Avenue extending eastward onto Flinders Drive

Rupert Avenue – connecting to Flinders Drive prior to the junction with Wentworth Street

Rupert Avenue connecting to Flinders Drive prior to the junction with Wentworth Stree

Rupert Avenue midpoint connection onto Flinders Drive

Rupert Avenue midpoint connection onto Flinders Drive

An alternative egress point connecting to Flinders Drive from the southern end of Rupert Avenue was considered, but DPTI and Council determined that this was not viable due to the height of the Flinders Drive retaining wall at this location and potential traffic conflicts with traffic movements from the Flinders Hospital exit. 

Considerable community concerns were raised by residents of Wentworth Avenue when this option was proposed. Their concerns included increased traffic flows, traffic conflicts, problems entering and leaving private properties along Wentworth Avenue and possible loss of value of properties.

Both Flinders Drive and Wentworth Avenue are roads under the care and control of Council and whilst the Darlington Project has provided valuable input to the consideration of options for an additional egress point onto Flinders Drive, ultimately Council is the decision making body on behalf of the community.

In relation to a possible additional access and egress points into or from Bedford Park South, Full Council resolved at its meeting on the 12 July 2016, as follows:

1. That Council approves community consultation with the Bedford Park South community to obtain feedback and comments on six proposed options (including a “Do Nothing” option) for an additional egress point onto Flinders Drive being:

      • Design Option 1A - Francis Street existing “Left Out Only”
      • Design Option 1B -  Francis Street “Left and Right Turn Out”
      • Design Option 2 - Wentworth Avenue
      • Design Option 3 - Rupert Avenue “northern end”
      • Design Option 4 - Rupert Avenue “midpoint exit”
      • Design Option 8 - Do Nothing

2. That following completion of community consultation, a further report is brought back to council for consideration and decision.

Council consulted with the community in December 2016 over egress options from Bedford Park South to Flinders Drive (left turn only) and deliberated over a decision based on the results of the consultation at its meeting of 14 March 2017 (item 7.1) and resolved that access points (left turn only) should be provided at both the north end of Wentworth Street and midway along Rupert Street. 

Council are now negotiating with DPTI on further details of the logistics of the detailed design and construction of the two approved access points and will provide a further update once this information becomes available.

Please call Chris Dunn on 8372 8863 for further information.


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