Whistleblower Protection

If you know something about an illegal, dangerous or improper conduct by an employee or an elected member of the Council you can report it in confidence under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (the Act).

The City of Mitcham is committed to the aims and objectives of the Act and does not tolerate illegal, dangerous or improper conduct by its employees, officers or elected members, nor reprisals against those who come forward to disclose such conduct. 

We recognise the value of transparency and accountability in our administrative and management practices and strongly support the making of disclosures.

What is the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993?

The purpose of the Act

‘… is to facilitate the disclosure, in the public interest, of maladministration and waste in the public sector and of corrupt or illegal conduct generally—

(a) by providing means by which such disclosures may be made; and

(b) by providing appropriate protections for those who make such disclosures.’

Who can report illegal, dangerous or improper conduct?

Disclosures may be made by:

  • Any member of the public
  • Elected members
  • Council employees

Am I protected if I report illegal, dangerous or improper conduct?

The Act provides civil and criminal protection and immunity for anyone who makes an appropriate disclosure of public interest information.

It should be noted that persons knowingly making a false disclosure could be fined or imprisoned.

How to report illegal, dangerous or improper conduct

To make a report contact the Responsible Officer appointed by Council to receive and act on information disclosed under the protection of the Act.

How to contact Responsible Officer



Kate O'Neill
General Manager Organisational and Community Development

Stephen Saffin
Manager Compliance

In person

131 Belair Road, Torrens Park, South Australia
Business Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

By phone

8372 8121

 8372 8817

By Mobile

0408 835 745

 0411 861 011

By Email



In Writing

Kate O'Neill
Whistleblower Responsible Officer
PO Box 21,
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park SA 5062

Stephen Saffin
Whistleblower Responsible Officer
PO Box 21,
Mitcham Shopping Centre
Torrens Park SA 5062

If the information relates to a Responsible Officer please make your report to the other Responsible Officer.

Please refer to the attached Whistleblower Protection Policy for further details on making a disclosure.

Persons, alternatively, may make disclosures to the Ombudsman SA:

Street Address Level 5 East Wing 50 Grenfell Street Adelaide SA 5000
Postal Address PO Box 3651 Rundle Mall SA 5000

Telephone 08 8226 8699
Toll free 1800 182 150 (outside metro SA only)
Facsimile 08 8226 8602

Email ombudsman@ombudsman.sa.gov.au

General Complaints

General complaints about services provided by City of Mitcham are not covered by the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993.  To make a general complaint contact us directly.


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Tel 08 8372 8888

Fax 08 8372 8101

Email Us

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Locate Us

PO Box 21

Mitcham Shopping Centre

Torrens Park SA 5062

131 Belair Road

Torrens Park SA 5062


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