Safe Parking around Schools

Council continually monitors schools to enforce parking zones and restrictions to ensure the safety of students.

Council promotes a safe and happy community. By parking appropriately when you drop your children off to school, you can help to ensure there is no danger to students and avoid traffic congestion around schools.

Parking restrictions at and near schools to provide a safer environment for children may include:

No Stopping Zones

You must not stop your vehicle in a no stopping zone or on a solid yellow line.

No Parking Zones

You must not leave your vehicle parked or unattended. You may stop in a No Parking zone to immediately pick up or set down your child and drive off as soon as possible.

Continuous White Centre Line

If a road has a continuous white centre line, there must be three metres between the vehicle and the white line.

School Crossing

You cannot stop within 20m of the approach side or 10m of the departure side of a school crossing.

Speed Limits

There is a speed limit of 25kph, designated by the signs and a zigzag line, any time when children are present or when the lights are flashing.

Council officers are patrolling local schools and issuing fines for breaches and offences to ensure the safety and well-being of all school students, particularly younger children.

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