Boronia Avenue Kerb and Footpath Consultation

Boronia Avenue, Coromandel Valley from Watchman Avenue to end proposed new kerbing and footpath. 

The City of Mitcham is proposing to complete the footpath network by constructing a link between the existing concrete block paved footpath in Boronia Avenue and the Sturt River Linear path.  

The footpath connection will be undertaken in two stages. Fund for Stage 1 have been approved in the 2018/19 Capital Works Program, and Stage 2 will be constructed in the 2019/20 financial year pending Council and budget approvals. 

What are we proposing?

Stage 1

Boronia Avenue Stage 1 Footpath, Kerb and Watertable Proposed Plan

Kerb and Watertable Construction:

New kerb and watertable on the northern side only to accommodate sections of the proposed footpath, from the existing kerb and watertable to a point opposite the eastern boundary of 32 Boronia Avenue approximately 50m in length. 

Footpath Construction:

Construction of new footpath on the northern side of Boronia Avenue matching into the existing block paved footpath and extending to a point opposite the eastern boundary of 32 Boronia Avenue, approximately 128m in length and 1.5m wide. 

The existing low level vegetation, primarily adjacent 21 Boronia Avenue, will be retained and replanted behind the new footpath.

Image 1 - Low Level Vegetation to be retained and relocated behind new footpath 

A tree will be removed.

Image 2 - Small tree to be removed

Stage 2 

Boronia Avenue Stage 2 Footpath, Kerb, Watertable and Retaining Wall Proposed Plan

It is proposed that stage two will be constructed in 2019/2020 pending funding approval, by Council, of the Capital Works Program. 

Kerb and Watertable Extension:

Extension of the kerb along the southern side of Boronia Avenue, from Watchman Drive to the eastern boundary of 32 Boronia Avenue approximately 100m in length. 

Stormwater Construction:

Construction of piped section under existing driveway (with headwall and end wall),

Continuation of rock lined swale to existing stormwater pipe to outlet into the river. 

Footpath Extension:

Extension of the footpath constructed in stage one on the northern side of Boronia Avenue and continuing through the verge to link with the Sturt River Linear path.

This section of the verge is steep, gabion retaining walls will be included as part of the construction to stabilise the footpath,

A full barrier fence will protect pedestrians using the footpath,

The material for this section of footpath will be exposed aggregate concrete,

15 trees will need to be removed to accommodate the new footpath, these will be replaced with native trees. The trees to be removed are shown on the concept plan.  

What are the benefits for the local residents?

Stage 1 footpath will increase pedestrian connectivity for local residents to Coromandel Parade.

Completion of Stage 2 will provide a link from Boronia Avenue to Sturt Linear Park. 

New plantings of advanced trees, shrubs and groundcovers will enhance user amenity along the footpath. Many species will be indigenous and they will enhance the local biodiversity. The species selection and planting layout will be designed to achieve low-maintenance outcomes and all species will be planted in accordance with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principals (CPTED). 

How can you provide feedback?

A written submission is invited by 5pm Friday 2 November 2018 by: 

For further information, please contact Jack Fanning on 8372 8888 or email


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