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What is Public Art?

Round 1 2019 Grants have now closed with Mitcham Art Advisory Group currently assessing applications. The next round of Public Art Grants will open in late June and close in September 2019. If you would like to be added to the distribution list please email us at

Round 1 2019 Grants were awarded to the following projects:

  1. Pipe Dreaming to be installed at the City of Mitcham Civic Centre by Project2Project
  2. Mural at the Torrens Park Pump Station by Joel Van Moore for the The Big Picture Fest.

More information about the timeline regarding installation of these projects will be advised soon.

Public art makes a significant contribution to local identity, helps create and activate vibrant public realm and assists to build a strong cultural and arts sector for the betterment of the community. Art can be seen as an expression of culture and can include traditional forms such as memorials, monuments, sculptures or murals or more contemporary forms such as sound installations, video or laser projections, text, aerosol art and street banners. It also includes functional objects such as fountains, street furniture, lighting and paving. It may be both permanent and/or temporary. 

The Mitcham Art Advisory Group (MAAG) was established to review and provide recommendations to Council on significant or contentious public or community art proposals, you can view the terms of reference for MAAG by clicking here. In June 2018, the advisory group awarded art projects to be delivered in City of Mitcham with a total value of $25,000. The projects awarded are listed below.

Elizabeth Close and Jake Holmes – Building Mural Art

@elizabethclosearts and completed an indigenous inspired mural on the Hawthorn Community Centre in December 2018. The water from Brownhill Creek and the natural surrounds were used as inspiration for the art piece. Hawthorn Community Centre provides the most suitable location for a mural as it nestles Brownhill Creek which has extensive cultural heritage; is surrounded by the redeveloped Soldiers Memorial Precinct and will be in view of the upgraded Mitcham Memorial Library. This mural artwork does not replace any official Kaurna art that is being determined as part of the precinct upgrades.

 "This project was so organic in that Jake and I designed as we moved around the building, responding to the environment and the walls. The result, we think, lifts the entire space, and we have had so many comments from city of Mitcham residents as they’ve walked past." Elizabeth Close, Aboriginal Artist 

Aiyudot Khom - Four Seasons of Play

A fence art installation reflecting on the changing face of the Mitcham hills across a single year and on the special place that natural play settings have for younger people and their families. The winter season was erected in July 2018. 

Spring is here! 

Summer has Arrived 

Where:  APEX Park, Watahuna Avenue, Hawthorndene

James Dodd – Public Collection Drawing Device

This piece of art has been specifically chosen to engage people and places of the City of Mitcham. The mobile machine with solar powered movements invited people to come up and talk to the artists while working, and make drawings. The drawings were collated and will be exhibited.

Jimmy collected Soul Data within the City of Mitcham during February and the start of March 2019 at the following times and locations. 

  • Saturday February 16 - Mitcham Library Open Day from 12noon until 3pm
  • Friday February 22 - Lynton Transfer Station exit gates from 7am to 10am
  • Saturday February 23 - Walking Blackwood Library to Mitcham Library from 11am to 4pm
  • Friday March 1 - Walking Grange Road and Edward Street from 2pm to 5pm
  • Saturday March 2 - Mitcham Shopping Centre, pedestrian crossing closest to Mitcham Cinemas from 8am - 11am
  • Saturday March 9 - Various sites from 9am to 3pm

Local Soul Data

This Public Art project is support by the City of Mitcham and is one that combines my interests in machines and their role in a visual arts practice with my continued physical and cultural explorations of suburbia. In particular, I have been developing a couple of new machines, or drawing devices, that I will use within the project.  The idea is that the machines are curious objects that appear to have perhaps tumbled out of garden shed, they are used to create drawings that might be indicative or inherently connected to the public space in which they are created and that the act of using these machines is a point that is mildly performative and one at which audiences are encouraged to approach and engage with the artist.

"I have also been curious about increasing cravings for ‘data’ within local government and broader authorities.  This is creeping relentlessly towards the arts – a sector that can be difficult to negotiate numerically.  So – I’m going to try and ‘count things’ as a driving pursuit within this project.  I would like to try and count the things that are tricky to count.  This will be a broad experiment, resulting in many conversations as outcomes and, hopefully, finding a way into drawings as outcomes".

Check out my project on Instagram - Local Soul Data

James "Jimmy" Dodd

Local Soul Data Artist Jimmy Dodd

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