Residential Parking Permits

The City of Mitcham may issue residents with parking permits who live in a street where timed parking restrictions apply. Residents seeking a parking permit must complete and submit an application.

A residential parking permit is a parking exemption from the operation of the Parking Regulations applicable to time limit areas only. The exemption is applicable to the area as detailed on the permit and is subject to specific conditions.

Please note normal regulations apply in all other parking zones such as bus zones, no parking, no stopping (yellow lines or signs), etc. 

Conditions of Parking Permit
  1. The permit must be displayed on the passenger side of the vehicle dashboard and must be clearly visible to the City of Mitcham Officer through the front windscreen when in use.
  2. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to display this permit when necessary and to store it appropriately when not in use. 
  3. A cost of $5 applies if a replacement is required. This fee will need to be accompanied by a statutory declaration outlining the reasons a replacement permit is required. 
  4. The permit shall only apply to the street or road in which the permit holder resides. 
  5. In order to be eligible to apply for a permit you must reside in the City of Mitcham in a street/road where timed parking restrictions are in operation. 
  6. The permit expires on the date shown on the permit. 
  7. A fresh application for renewal must be submitted prior to the expiry date. 
  8. The application needs to be accompanied by a copy of vehicle(s) registration, registered to the address as listed/nominated on the application.
  9. The parking permit scheme is intended for use on currently registered vehicles in regular use. 
  10. The permits are issued to a resident and not to a vehicle and as such they are interchangeable between vehicles. However the permit cannot cover two vehicles at once. 
  11. Each application is considered on its own merit taking into account driveway size, availability of off street parking etc.
Residential Parking Permit Application

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Residential Parking Permit Application
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Applicant Details
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Proposed Location Permit is to Exempt
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Please list any special circumstances Council may need to be aware of: e.g. no available off street parking
Permit Details
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How many permits are required?
Please list the vehicle registration numbers
Please allow five business days for permit approval process
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